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Bootleg Mountain Recreation Site, Kimberley BC

They’ve been there for quite a while, built by locals with some great downhill single track, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago Kimberley received some grant money to put into these trails.  What a nice job they’ve done. About have way to St Marys Lake you come across an unassuming Forest Service Road, Bootleg FSR. A kilometre or so up the road you hit the trailhead/parking area/Map/bathroom. You can check the interactive map on

From here it’s your choice on whether to shuttle with a buddy or two, or start riding up the road. There is a single track climb that starts just west of Mathew Creek right off of St Marys Lake rd. This will spit you out on the Bootleg Road about half way up or so. I’m probably your average climber and takes me about an hour on Bootleg road to get to the top by Pinch and Roll, Atlas Shrugged (half way down, it starts up higher), and Snow White and the Seven Wasps. Pinch and Roll is a bit more classic single track down hill with some technical spots where as Snow White and the Seven Wasps is hits and manicured by trail builders. If you take Pinch and Roll you have the option of bailing out half way down and cruising over to Purple People Pleaser. PPP is full of jumps, burms, and has a nice wooden wall to try. Atlas Shrugged is a black diamond that starts of single track and rooty but then eventually turns into man made burms and jumps. There are lots of stunts and steep pitches along the way with options to get off onto Pinch and Roll or PPP.  If you take Atlas shrugged to the bottom you will end up at White Lightning. Both PPP  will get you down to the top of Nimby which is another manicured, flowy trail with a lot of smaller hits and great burms. A great way to end which ever way you came down. If you stay on Pinch and Roll it will take you right down to the bottom for round two.

Pinch and Roll
Pinch and Roll
Pinch and Roll

It really doesn’t matter which way down you go, these trails are spectacular.

For those who have a bit more gas, or legs and like the steeps you can keep climbing past these trails on Bootleg Road to the top of Snow Mexican and the start of Atlas Shrugged. I have yet personally to do so but have spoken with those who have. The extra climb, if you are peddaling is not too bad but Snow Mexican is a true black diamond without any real options to get off. This trail starts of mellowish and then continually gets harder with a lot of steep slabs, stunts, and drops. Snow Mexican with dump you out onto Snow White and the Seven Wasps just above White Lightning. If you really like White Lightning and want to give it another go without going all the way down there is a single track climb to do it again and again.

Purple People Pleaser
White Lightning
Snow White and the Seven Wasps



The Bootleg Mountain Recreation site is a fantastic addition/upgrade to the Kimberley Trails network. Koodos to the trail builders for a fantastic job of keeping the old and incorporating it into the new. Below is a little clip from YouTube to give a taste of what you can expect out at Bootleg….


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