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bike fit

Bike Fit

As the ski season winds down here in Kimberley BC it’s time to start thinking about our bikes. I’m leaving in tomorrow for bike trip to St. George Utah and am wishing I’d taken more time to get bike fit. I’ve had a decent year skiing and try to work out regularly, but I know I’m no where near bike fit.

So I’ve done a bunch of research and have been doing a tone of physio lately to come up with the following bike fit routine. I’d recommend starting this approximately 6 weeks prior to the anticipated bike season where ever you are. I know some of you get to ride year round,  or ride your fat bikes all winter, but either way this routine is going have you ready for the dirt, or road..

The most important part to any fitness goal, like it or lump it, is your core. Everything starts with your core. I know myself, it’s probably the first thing I shorten or cut out of my routines, but I do know when I focus on my core everything else works better. Biking requires a lot of balance and stability, of which the core is a major part  of.  Below is a video from Global Mountain Biking Network which has a great core routine for bikers in less than 10 minutes. I recommend doing this core routine three times week on days 1, 3, and 5.

Ok, now that we know how important the core is let’s put together our weekly routine.

Day 1

Endurance – Follow the 60 minute endurance training video provided by Global Cycling Network. Just a good long steady ride.

Complete the Core workout shown above

Stretch – Follow the great cycling stretch video provided by Global Cycling Network.


Day 2

Repeat each of the three stages 3 times. Rest 15 seconds between exercises and 1 minute between stages unless more rest is necessary. The warm up and cool down are important so don’t leave them out. Click on the links if you’d like to see a demonstration.

Warm Up

Stage One

Stage Two

Stage Three

Cool Down/Stretch

    • Bent of Hamstring Stretch – Hold 30 seconds to a minute Image result for bend over hamstring stretch
    • Quad Stretch – Hold each leg 30 seconds to a minute Related image
    • Calf Stretch – Hold for 30 seconds to a minute for each calf  Related image

Remember this is the bare minimum of stretching. Feel free to continue stretching.

After these 6 weeks your body will get used to the exercises and  you will not benefit as much as you did at the beginning of the six weeks. Muscle confusion works.

Day 3

Indoor Interval Training – Today is all about increasing your cardio

  • Core – Follow the video provided above
  • 30 minute interval training at a high pace on the intervals with an 8 to 9 effort. If you have an indoor bike with an interval program, feel free to use that. If you do not have a program please use the video below (Global Cycling Network) with your indoor trainer. I find it much easier to do this kind of training indoors opposed to doing outdoors as it’s hard to time yourself and get the same intensity.

Below is a great stretching routine I follow after a ride also provided by Global Cycling Network.

Day 4

Day 4 is going to be our upper body. We are going to cove the whole thing in about an hour. So, not a lot of rest but a lot of reps. Lets get started.

Warm Up

Complete each  of the following Stages 3 times each in a row. Do not rest between exercises unless necessary and rest 1 minute after each stage completion.  Try to increase your weight on each of the three rounds of each stage.

Stage 1

Repeat 3 times

Stage 2

Repeat 3 times

Stage 3

Repeat 3 times

Here is a good cool down/stretch video which also has some lower body stretching which I’m sure you can use..

Day 5

This is going to be another ride Day. If you can get outside I’d recommend going for a hill ride if you can  about an hour. It doesn’t matter if you are road or mountain biking. If you are not able to go outside then follow the video below or use one of your hill programs on your indoor bike if you have one. This is not an all out day but a 5 to 7 effort level. Before you start though complete the core video show above. Do not forget about your core…

Here is another Stretching video for after your ride. If you prefer the stretching video from above feel free to use it.

Day 6

Day 6 is going to be a Yoga day. Yoga has become a very important part of my fitness routine for many reasons.  The following video is a great yoga routine for cyclists. If you have or find another yoga routine you like feel free to use it. If you haven’t tried yoga before, be patient with your balance and flexibility, it will come. And yes, the breathing is important. Enjoy this day, you’ve earned it.

Day 7 is a rest day. But I’ve attached a foam roller routine for your legs which I think you will really enjoy. You should have some pretty tight muscles and this will help relax and remove any knots you will have. We all have them..

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week. After 6 weeks of this routine you should, without a doubt, have improved your fitness and be more bike fit. Throughout the cycling season I’d remove the indoor cycling with outdoor riding. Don’t forget to continue your core workouts and stretching/rolling as it will help reduce the chance of injuries and make you feel better.

Cheers, Scott




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